New online platform for Caribbean students to ace their CXC exams

January 17, 2024

Jade’s Books, an online bookstore, has announced the launch of a new platform that provides comprehensive resources for students preparing for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams.

The platform, which is accessible through, offers resources for 40 CSEC and CAPE subjects. It includes the most relevant information for each subject. Students will be exposed to what they need to know to pass their exams.

Most importantly, the platform lists the most commonly recurring exam questions gleaned from past papers over the past 20 years. No student who uses the resources on should be surprised by questions that appear on their exams.

Jade’s Books aims to support Caribbean students in achieving academic excellence and pursuing higher education opportunities. The platform covers most subjects offered by CXC, including English, Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies, Sciences, Languages, Management of Business, and Information Technology.

“We are excited to launch this platform as a one-stop shop for Caribbean students who are preparing for the CXC exams,” the online book service announced. “We understand the challenges and opportunities that these exams present, and we want to provide the best resources and guidance possible to help students succeed.”

Students may access the resource via a subscription model, for as little as $1.99 per week, $2.99 per month, and a cost-effective rate of only $19.99 for an entire year.

“Why pay thousands of dollars for exam preparation when you can ace your CSEC or CAPE exams on the cheap?” says the company.

Jade’s Books invites students, parents, teachers, and schools to visit and discover the benefits of the platform.